Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Food Budgets

I guess one of the ways that I keep us living on a budget is that I prepare inexpensive foods.  I thought that for a few weeks I might try to calculate how much my meals cost.  What I do normally when I bring home food is to mark how much we paid for the item.  I usually by food items when they are on sale or in bulk so we save a lot of money.  I also cook from scratch and use coupons when I can.  I don't do a lot of coupons right now, but I do save them out of the paper and date them, and if something comes up I can use them.

As you know I work full time so most of my meals are simple or are cooked in the crock pot.  I mostly go shopping on the weekend, but sometimes I will make a quick stop in town when running errands. So here goes what I have done so far this week:

Monday:  Breakfast- cereal (I usually only by cereal for under $2.00 a box and we eat a box at breakfast)  $2.00,  Milk, coffee, or juice $1.00

                 Lunch:  everyone eats at school and Steven and I bring leftovers from the night before. 
                               We are on reduced lunch it cost $1.50.

                Dinner:  Taco soup.  Deer meat (free), frozen corn (half bag .50) can of tomatoes (.60),
                               spices (.50).  Dinner bread - free from my sister in law.

                               Total:  $5.10

Tuesday : Same lunch and breakfast $3.50,

                 Dinner:  Grilled chicken $4.00, baked potatoes $ 1.00, home canned green beans free.

                                Total:  $8.50

Yes, I know that this does not include snacks.  I usually have fruit on hand for snacking.  We also buy goldfish crackers and animal crackers from Sam's.  For dessert we usually have ice cream or popcorn.  My sister-in-law gets us some snacks and bread from Publix that is expiring but still good.  So I guess I need to add a couple of dollars every day for snacks.  To me that is not too bad considering we feed seven people.  Tomorrow I will let you know how much it is to feed the Wednesday night church crowd.  Usually there are 12-14 of us.