Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall Break

We are on fall break around here.  We have the whole week off of school and I only have to go to class on Monday night. The professor for my Tuesday night class said that if we got all of our work into her by last Tuesday night and she checked it off, then we didn't have to come this week.  I spent all day Sunday getting everything done so that I didn't have to go this week. Yeah me!

So we are going camping (in the camper) on Wednesday and coming back on Saturday.  The kids want to go shopping tomorrow at the outlets for some boot and long sleeve shirts.  I told them that we could if we could find some bargains or some buy on get one free deals.  I also need to go shopping for the camping trip and for the week after.  I don't want to have to go to a store while we are camping and I don't want to have to go out when we get back.

We are going on a picnic after church today. We are having such nice weather that I feel like we need to enjoy it.  I just love being around my kids and husband.  Some people say that they don't enjoy the teen years, but I really do.  I think this is my favorite stage yet.  They all have such interesting personalities.  I guess that none of mine give attitude or lip about stuff so that also helps with the enjoyment!

Well it is church day and I have to finish getting ready!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Friday  night had us at the local high school football game.  The little girl plays in the high school band, so every Friday night in the fall is football.  My little nephew met us and watched the game.  He had a great time with the little boy.  The other picture is of the middle girl getting her driver's licence.  The real one that you can drive by yourself.  She did great on her test and I know that she will be a responsible driver.

The above pictures are of my shopping this week.  The first is a quick trip to Sams, the second is a quick trip to Wal-Mart and then the last is my trip to Aldi.  I spent about $70 at Aldi and $45 at Sams, which is under my $150;00 a week so I feel good about the trips.  I think Wal Mart ran me about $30, but some of that was the insoles for my shoes.  I have heel pain without good insole and that and the bubble bath would go into my household budget of about $250 a month so I am good there also.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Feast or Famine

I feel like when you have your own business, often times there becomes a feast or famine mode.  There are times when you have several jobs come in and feel really good about your fiances, and   then there are times that you are having to wait and there is little cash money.  That is where we are this week with the grocery budget.  We are waiting on payment on a few of Steven's big jobs, so we are tight right now.  It is ok though.  We can pay all of our bills, we just have to wait on a few of our wants and the cooking will be a little more creative this week.  This is why I love to stock the pantry with extras and eat that when we are tight. This is what I am thinking about making this week:

Monday:  Crock pot chili
I will use dried beans and ground deer meat that we have on hand.  I also have cans of tomatoes on hand and all of the seasoning.  This meal will be no additional money this week unless I buy some frito type chips to eat with it.  We also like to put cheese and sour cream in it, but I have that on hand also.

Tuesday :  Cream cheese chicken in the crock pot.

I have to have crock pot on Monday and Tuesday because I have class on those nights.  This meal requires chicken, cream of chicken soup, itialian dressing mix and cream cheese and pasta.  I will need the cream cheese and dressing mix.

Wednesday:  Sloppy Joes and oven fries.  Ashley usually cooks on Wednesday.  She gets home earlier from class and everyone is running out the door for church.  All I need for this is sloppy joe seasoning.  I might buy a new bag of potatoes.  The ones I have are looking a little yucky.

Thursday:  We almost always have soccer, so I want something that everyone can serve themselves, so I usually make a casserole or soup.  This week I am making chicken broccoli cheese casserole.  I already have the chicken, broccoli. cream of chicken soup, sour cream and crackers.  I will serve with a salad, so all I need are some salad makings.  I might get some more sour cream just to be sure.

Friday:  Away game for football.  We might go to the game.  If we do I will pick up a little ceasars pizza for us to eat before the game.  That way we are not spending money on concessions.

I didn't include Saturday because I really just grill some meat and make a salad.  I never know who will be here so I don't do much.  I also try to make some quick bread like banana or pumpkin bread for breakfast or snack and some wheat bread to have with dinner.  Sundays is always hamburgers and hotdogs and either homemade fries or chips.  It depends on how late church goes.

Everyone eats eggs or bagels or cereal for breakfast.  I have all of that on hand except I may need more bagels.

Lunches are packed sandwiches, fruit, chips and crackers.  I do need chips and crackers and fruit.  I have sandwich meat and pbj.

So you see, I am going to shop this week, but not for much.  We will have plenty to round out the week and no one will be hungry or crazy.  Next weekend we can make a Sams run and stock up for camping. Yeah for fall break coming in one more week.