Saturday, October 26, 2013


We finally have fall here in Georgia.  I love love love cooler weather.  I like to wear sweaters and sweatshirts and I like to cuddle up in bed with  my hubby under blankets.  I also like to drink warm drinks and read by the fire or knit.  When cooler weather comes I really enjoy walking outside and enjoying the cool air.

Last night was our 8th football game and it was cold.  I was OK in my coat and gloves but the kids were cold.  We just haven't had too many cold nights yet and I think they were caught off guard.  Oh well, me and the little kids left after the band played at half time.  They did really well and I am proud of Ashley and the rest of the band this year.  They work hard but they also have fun.

Today they are at a band competition and won't be home until midnight.  The will be tired but have fun.  Tyler also shot our first deer of the season.  We need four to feed us during the winter so we are praying for some more.  Yes, we eat deer meat almost all year from the freezer and it is a blessing.  You can't get much more grass feed than that!

Well, we have church in the morning and I am tired.  Time to sign off!

Saving money on snacks

Well we are in full swing with school, band, soccer and work.  With all of that we are in full swing with snacks.  In the summer we mostly eat our lunch late and grab some fruit in the afternoon and then dinner.  During the school year several of the kids have and early lunch and then we might have a late dinner because of sports.  Because of this we have to have some healthy snacks around.  One of our favorites is trail mix.  It can be really expensive if you buy it already packaged and some parts of it may not be something that everyone likes.  We usually make our own.  This is what we like to use:

I buy all of the ingredients from Aldi and they are reasonably priced.  We like raisins, peanuts, cashews and M & Ms.  If we are feeling cheaper then we leave out the cashews.  This runs about $8.00 to make and we have enough for all 7 of us to snack on it all week.
Sometimes we will add Cheerios or dried cranberries or other nuts but this is our standard recipe.  We tend to make this twice a month and we really enjoy this.