Thursday, June 22, 2017

Blog Neglect

Wow!  I have neglected this blog for a while.  I don't know why because I have plenty to share and to say.  I did finish student teaching and got a job with my county.  The whole getting a job thing is a post in itself. God really showed up for that one.  I will share it soon.

We are in the middle of vacation bible school and getting ready for the beach.  We will not be having a resort beach trip because I have not been working this year, but we will have fun!  Everyone is bringing a friend and we are all going to meet up, even the newlywed couple.  I am so excited for some family time.

I am going shopping for some of the groceries today.  The island is so expensive.  I can't take enough for 10 people for the week in my van, but I will get stuff for breakfast and lunches and we will make ahead a few dishes and bring that.  I do not want to spend all week in the kitchen, but I really don't mind cooking on vacation.  It beats eating out and I get everyone to help with the dishes.

Well, I have to take Emma to babysit and go shopping.  I will show what I got and what we are making when I get back.