Thursday, June 27, 2013

Canning Salsa

Normally during the summer I try to get in as much canning as possible.  We eat it all through the year and it doesn't take up room in my freezer.  So far this season we have been making  pickles like crazy and this week I made a big batch of salsa.  The tomatoes were free from the garden as were the peppers so the only thing that I had to buy were some onions and another set of jars.  I figure that I spent about $15 on the whole process.  Here is the salsa cooked in the pot.

Here is the finished product.  17 jars of salsa.

I saw in the grocery store fancy salsa for $5.00 a jar, so I figure that this is $85 worth of salsa made for about $15.00 including an extra set of jars.  Not bad savings and so much better tasting.  


Every year my whole family participates in vacation bible school.  If you are too old to participate then you help out.  So far this year the little girl and little boy are participating, middle girl and big girl have been helping with the younger kids, and the big boy has been helping with recreation.  Steven and I have been teaching the three year olds.  He and I have a good system worked out.  I do the lessons and activities and he does crowd control.  I like for all of us to help as a family and do our part.  We can all learn by helping and teaching others.  It does make for a tiring week though.  I am just blessed that I don't have to work in the summer and can sleep in and let the kids sleep in.

These are some of the little ones enjoying the music.  We were having so much fun!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Three weeks into summer

Well we are officially three weeks into summer and I don't feel like I have relaxed yet.  Steven had his neck surgery and is going good.  The first four or five days was a little rough, but our church family rallied around us and brought us lots of food and prayer.  This last week he was up and around more and starting to get stir crazy.  The doctor released him to go back to work today with a lifting restriction of 10 pounds so he was happy.

We also started vacation bible school this week.  We go five nights and it is a lot of work and tiring but worth it for the kids.  Last night we had 180 kids which considering we only have 500 members in our church is great!  Steven and I do the three year olds and the teens help out in various places.  Tonight we do it again!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Yes I know that I took too much of a break, but now summer is upon us.  The kids have been at youth camp all week and the little boy and little girl went to the beach with Grandma.  I thought that I would have all this time to get stuff done in the house, but I spent most of my time in the road doing things for the youth camp.  Oh well, I have all summer to organize the house.

Tonight is the dress rehearsal for dance and tomorrow is the recital.  It is also Ashley's birthday tomorrow and Evan's is on Sunday.  He is just going to ask a few boys to go swimming and have some fun on Thursday night.  On Saturday we will do Ashley's.  I am going to take her to take her learners test one day next week.

Steven is having neck surgery on Monday.  He has been having so much pain with a pinched nerve that we have to do it.  I am a little nervous, but I am excited to get it done and over with.

Well, I have to get the kitchen cleaned up and shower and get breakfast for the kids.  We have to go pick up the girls at noon so that they can nap and shower before dance tonight.