Monday, June 24, 2013

Three weeks into summer

Well we are officially three weeks into summer and I don't feel like I have relaxed yet.  Steven had his neck surgery and is going good.  The first four or five days was a little rough, but our church family rallied around us and brought us lots of food and prayer.  This last week he was up and around more and starting to get stir crazy.  The doctor released him to go back to work today with a lifting restriction of 10 pounds so he was happy.

We also started vacation bible school this week.  We go five nights and it is a lot of work and tiring but worth it for the kids.  Last night we had 180 kids which considering we only have 500 members in our church is great!  Steven and I do the three year olds and the teens help out in various places.  Tonight we do it again!

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