Friday, October 19, 2012

Football Friday Night

Tonight is the homecoming football game with our school.  Steven and I will work the concession stand since the band gets the money, plus it gives us money off the participation fees for band.  It is alot of work, but I do enjoy seeing all of the kids and helping.  My feet will definitely be tired tonight!

We started getting calls from teachers that my nephew who lives with us was not behaving in school.  I then called the school and the counselor told me that they had already put him on a behavior plan.  What?  No one even informed me that there were issues until last week and he is on a plan?  You would think they would want to involve the parents.  So, now we have to work on our behavior.  I am taking him Monday to see about getting him some meds for ADHD.  He just seems so hyper sometimes and just talks and blurts out stuff all of the time that I don't know how much he can help, so maybe some meds are in order.  I guess we will see what the doctor says.

I haven't really been grocery shopping this week.  I spent $25 at Wal-mart the other night, but nothing else.  Tomorrow I will go to town and get some things, but not too much.  Evan shot a deer last weekend on youth day, so now we have lots of deer meat.  We grind it up and eat it like ground beef.  I also have two whole chickens in the fridge so that can become something.

Well, I guess I will fold a load of clothes and unload the dishwasher before we go to the game.

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