Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving morning and all is still quiet.  I have homemade cinnamon rolls in the oven, but we are just going to eat them when we feel like it.  Getting teens up for family breakfast is hard on vacation.  In addition to my five kids that are normally here we have my niece here from the children's home and her brother who is 19.  He lives on his own, but considers us his family.  I feel like I have some college kids home for break.  My niece used to live with my in-laws and then with us and nothing really worked out so she chose to live at the children's home.  She is spending holidays and some weekends with us though, so it is OK now.

We are going to my mom's for Thanksgiving.  She is doing the meat and stuffing and I am bringing all of the sides.  My sister is bringing dessert.  I thought that was fair sense I am bringing nine people.  I am making sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, squash casserole, and some sweet potato biscuits.  We should have plenty.  We always do.

I love having everyone home on break.  They fight and act crazy, but I love not having to get out the door in the morning and not having homework.  We did some crafts yesterday and tomorrow we are going to start getting my Christmas stuff out.  Saturday we will get a tree.

Well, I guess I better check on the cinnamon rolls.  I was going to go to CVS early this morning, but Steven is hunting and I am enjoying my coffee and quiet morning too much.

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