Wednesday, September 12, 2012


School, work and life in general have been busy.  It is a good kind of busy, but busy none the less.  Emma is playing soccer, Ashley is in the marching band, and all three girls are doing dance right now.  I went to a women's conference in Atlanta last Saturday with Kay Arthur as the speaker.  It was so good.  I was gone all day, but the guys kept the house in pretty good shape.  I have been playing catch up from that all week.  Oh well, it was worth it.  I learned so much!

Tonight is church.  The kids bring home friends and we take about 10 kids to church on Wednesdays.  Fun to have a house full of kids.  I usually make a big pot of soup and some grilled cheese sandwiches or muffins or bread and off we go.  I use my crockpot so it is ready when we get in at 4:00.

I have to go get the troups ready for school.  Tyler takes forever to do his hair.  I think it is time for a haircut.

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