Friday, September 14, 2012

Feet up

I am sitting back chilling tonight with my feet up.  Steven has gone to the football game to chaparone the band.  They have an away game about 45 minutes away tonight so I didn't go.  I stayed home with the younger kids and let them each have a friend over.  The friends have now left and we are relaxing.  They are watching TV and playing on I-pods.

Work is going good and I am learning alot.  I like that the sped teachers will listen to me when I talk and take what I say into consideration.  The only hard thing is that I really can't tell anyone specifics about school because of privacy issues and such.  This is a small town and it wouldn't take long for talk to get around, so I am careful about what I tell people.  We do talk among ourselves in the special ed room, which is good.

Tomorrow Steven is taking the the boys to the Georgia game and Ashley and Natalie are volunteering at church, so I will just have Emma for a while.  I think we will go shopping.

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