Friday, February 1, 2013

It is Friday night and I just got home after leaving the house at 7:15 this morning.  Of course I worked all day at the school, and then I took all of the kids to the larger city so that big girl could take a life guarding class.  She has to go back tomorrow all day and maybe Sunday if they don't get done.  I hope they do because they are going to be worn out, plus I don't want to have to go back to the bigger city on Sunday.  That is my day to chill!

So tomorrow the Older boy is doing yard work, the Big Girl is doing more life guarding, the little girl and Small Boy are going to the circus with Grandma, so for a couple of hours tomorrow it will be just me and the middle girl.  I guess we will go thrift store shopping.

Steven is at a men's retreat this weekend and so there is no man here to be the heavy.  I hope I keep my patience and don't yell.  I want him to have a good time with men and learn more about Christ.  I don't want him to worry about home or work just focus on God.

Well, I am going to go.  Have a good night.

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