Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th

Well, our fireworks got rained out.  We were supposed to go to the rec department to watch fireworks with our church, but it rained and stormed so it was cancelled.  We went to my brother and sister in laws house instead and cooked out.  We had fun.  At first I didn't want to go.  Family gatherings have gotten weird in the last year or two.  Steven's parents won't come to anything that involves us.  They are angry at us and won't talk to us or discuss anything with us and when we ask for forgiveness from them they say no.  This has been hurtful to us and our family, but now I have decided that if they want to be that way then so be it.  If they want to stay home and miss gatherings and birthdays of their grandchildren then it is their loss.  We can have fun without them and we did.  Happy 4th!
Tomorrow we are going to the beach, so today we are packing and getting ready.  We don't have to pack much because there is a washer and dryer there and a Wal-Mart on the island.  We will cook in while we are there because it is too expensive to eat out, but we will go do some stuff like putt putt or the water park.  I would rather have extra beach time anyway.  We will also go shopping at a few places on the island and look into the quirky local shops.  Fun!  I have budgeted $250 for food for the week (how else can I get 5 pounds of shrimp and cook it) and $200 for things to do.  I will get out the cash today. I will let you know how it went with the spending.

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