Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Green Beans

Well no longer did I get done with the salsa then it was time for green beans.  A friend traded beans for some squash and cucumbers.  He let us pick and we got two five gallon buckets of beans.  This is what they looked like after I snapped them.

We then canned 30 quarts of green beans.
I would like to go and pick again because 30 jars won't last us a year.  I would like to do about 20 more but we are going to the beach next week so canning is out for that week.  I still need to do some peaches and some blackberry jelly.  Yummy!
Something that I think is funny.  Little girl gave me for mother's day some coupons for doing chores and today I cashed in one.  The girls bathroom really needed the shower cleaned so I put her to work.
So funny!  It got clean though.
Happy fourth!  The older girls are at the beach with my parents and we are supposed to go watch fireworks tonight at the rec department.  It is a little rainy and stormy outside so we might get cancelled.  I hope not.  My sister and her family is coming to eat and watch with us. We are having chicken wings and pasta and a yummy chocolate cake for dinner.  Yum!

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