Friday, January 15, 2016

Favorite Kind of Friday Night

This is my favorite kind of Friday night.  It is so relaxing.  We picked up a take and bake pizza from Wal-Mart (Yeah, no cooking) and watched a movie off of Netflix.  We watched the movie Unconditional.

I liked it.  It is PG 13 for some violence, but it is a Christian movie and has an uplifting ending.  We popped popcorn and made flavored coffee so life is good.
Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping early.  I do hate to go on Saturday, but I really don't have any other day. I do wish I could work part time and have a day during the week to shop, but I don't.  I get so spoiled in the summer.  I love having the stores all to myself to shop.  Tomorrow is Aldi and Sams (maybe) and the bakery outlet.  I will also hit Kroger up for some sales if there are any good ones.  I am working to trim the grocery budget so I have to shop smart.
Well, I have some bananas that I want to slice and put in the oven and then put some laundry away.  I do love my new dryer, but it does make it so that I have to put more clothes away more often.  I will post my shopping trip if I get a chance.

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