Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year

We made it through the new year mostly unscathed.  Christmas was enjoyable.  My mom and dad came over and so did my sister and her family.  I love having little kids here at Christmas.  I did not like the excess of presents for the little kids.  I know that they are little and all, but I like for children to have a few quality toys and learning and art supplies, but not toys to excess.  I know my kids had too many toys and if I had to do it again they would not have plastic junk, just a few high quality toys.  Oh well, not my battle.

We also had a large group from the church over for new years.  This year we decided to shoot off fire works and our black lab got in the way.  He ran up and picked up a lit rocket and was killed.  Yes we were careful with the kids, but never imagined that the dog would do that.  The kids were a little sad and so were we. 

So school has started back and we are having a full we this week.  Back to college for me too.  I like it except for the late nights.  I prefer to stay home by the fire.

Here are a few pictures from the girls mission trip.  So proud of them!

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