Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Braves Game

Every year Steven's work gives us Braves  tickets. With there being 7 of us and the tickets being so expensive we would not be able to go if they didn't give us these. They also tack on an extra $10 on each ticket for concessions and provide us hotdogs before the game. The weather was great even if the Braves lost. 

One thing that came to my mind while we were there is how different our family is from the main stream. With the extra money on our tickets we bought snacks and cokes while most were buying beer. We just don't enjoy those type of activities and we are rarely in big crowds. We prefer camping to amusement parks and would rather do activities with our church family than parties.  We would rather cook in than go out and would rather watch a movie at home than go to the movies. Since our shift has been more and more Christ like those things of the world don't appeal to us. We have made new kinds of friends and have had to distance ourselves from some family members. 

I am tired and need to wrap it up for bed. I have class tomorrow night and see you at the pole tomorrow. Long day!

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