Monday, September 29, 2014

Why I love thrifting

I love shopping at thrift stores. I would say that the majority of our shirts, shoes and accessories come from thrift stores or are given to us from others. My kids are thin and it is hard to find thrifted pants. I am picky about what I buy. I like name brands and cute. Sometimes I find quit a lot and sometimes I find nothing. I try to hit my local store every other week and the one in the bigger city every time I am that way. As a result my kids have lots of clothes for a fraction of what they would cost new. 

Now the downside is that there are not always this years styles and sometimes you just want something new. One of those times is homecoming. We took a crew to shop. We wanted something modest but pretty. He we are shopping. 

Then we finally found the perfect one. 

It covers the top well. I would love for it to have been longer but this was long compared to most. 

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