Thursday, September 25, 2014

Family Decisions

Sometimes you have to make hard decisions that affect the whole family. Sometimes those decisions look bad in the short run but can reep benefits in the long run. My oldest is our biological nephew. He has recently gotten into some trouble and while it may not be the worst in the world it is troubling for us. We worry about what the future holds for him and what his influence will do for our family. Because of this we have consulted the outside help of a group home. This place is residential and would last for the next year and a half. It would provide him with help and an environment that we can't give him. It would give him a better start in life. If he is accepted it would be a big change and would definately not be frugal. We are going to have to pray about what we want to do. Life's struggles and decisions are always hard.

The best thing about all if this trouble that we have had is the support of our church family. Many people in our own family are not saved and don't understand why we make the decisions that we do. Having the support of other Christians has made this process easiesr to bear.  We love The Lord and we are so glad that he is always faithful.

Here is our picture from see you at the pole. Our church youth are so on fire for god. I just can't get enough of seeing that. 

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