Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy But Good

We had a busy but good weekend.  It started for me on Friday with special Olympics.  I love that these kids get to compete and think that they are special.  Most of these kids can compete in regular sports or even do well in PE.  This is one time a year that they get to shine.  Yeah!

Then Saturday was our small town annual festival.  We had great weather.  The girls all danced with their dance studio and we just walked around and saw people we knew.  There were crafts and food and blow up slides.  We all had fun.

Today was church and even though the time changed we made it to 8:30 church.  We came home and I did laundry, mopped the floor and a few other chores.  Little girl and I took a walk down the dirt road.  We were just enjoying the lovely weather. 

Oh and we also added another pet to the family this weekend.

Middle girl just loves rabbits.  We have had others but they died.  They just don't live forever.  We were so happy to find this one and she is so sweet!
Well tomorrow is Monday again.  The kids only have four days this week.  Friday is a teacher work day so I have to work, but they don't have to go.  Kind of a day off for me and kind of not.  I really like being at home and getting things accomplished.  I also like sitting on the couch doing nothing. I do like being outside, but I don't like it cold or hot so that leaves me out of all but about 2 weeks out of the year.  The weather here in Georgia is either hot or cold.  It doesn't really get cold enough here to snow except once a year, but it is so humid here that the cold weather feels colder and the hot weather feels hotter.  I do like to plant flowers and keep the yard nice.
Well, I am going to go get a bath and hit the hay early.  School and work tomorrow!

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