Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We live in Central Georgia.  We rarely get any severe winter weather but we do get thunderstorms and tornadoes.  Last night we had some terrible thunder storms roll through.  It was only by the grace of God that we did not lose power.  The kids and I swear that the chimney got struck by lightening twice and I was surprised that the TV still worked last night because it is mounted above the fireplace.  This morning many in our county have no power and some of the roads are impassible because of downed limbs.  There is no school today for the kids, but I have to go in at 10:00.  At least it will be daylight so that if there is something in the road I can see it.  The sun doesn't really come up right now until 10:00.

I have been reading a few websites about families who only spend $50 a week on groceries or some other ridiculous number.  I want to find out how they do this and then I find out that it is only a family of 3 or 4.  When I look for large families that mostly eat at home because who wants to pay $100 for a family to eat out junk I see larger monthly totals of $600 to $800 a month.  I stay around the $600 a month category.  I would love to spend less, but we would have to cut back on some treats or other things and right now we don't want to do that.  If we had to we could cut it way back and eat fine, but there would be no good ice cream, no weekend sodas ( I let the kids have one a day on the weekends or when they have friends over) and we would have to cut back on cereals, nutragrain bars and such.  We have to run out the door so fast in the morning that I rarely cook breakfast. I like for it to be something that the kids can get themselves and I like to get the good cereals like oatmeal squares and life.  If I had to I could cook some eggs or make oatmeal or pancakes, but I don't during the week. I do think I will keep working on it.  There is always room for improvements.

It is so quiet in here.  We turned off the kids alarm clocks and they haven't gotten up year.  This makes me know that the kids never get enough sleep.  We do put them to bed at a reasonable time, but I just think that kids need more sleep than they think.  We all do probably.

Well, I might be nice and cook some French toast and sausage when the kids get up.  I better get cracking!

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