Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter!

The reason for Easter is to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead after his crucifixion.  It is not about eggs and bunnies and candy. Yes, we can have fun with all of the candy and eggs, but we have to remember the reason we celebrate.

To help us remember we get everyone up early on Easter and go to sunrise service.  It is usually a small gathering and the message only focuses on the risen savior Jesus.  Then we eat breakfast and we go to our regular church service at 10:00.  It is a day to worship the king and that is what it is all about.  I do get my kids an Easter basket but it is small.  This year they each got a book, an insulated cup with a straw and some candy.  It is just a little something fun.  Later in the day we will go to my Mom's house and hunt eggs and eat a meal.  My sister comes with his little boy who just turned 2.  We have a good time with him.

Oh, well we are going to church in a few.  The kids are singing and there will be lots of good music and a message.  I wish tomorrow started spring break, but we have another week.  Also, please pray that we don't get this flu that is going around.  We have been directly exposed several times, but so far the Lord has protected us.  We did get flu shots this year so I hope that helps.  I don't want us sick for spring break.  We are going to the mountains.

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