Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Night

Is it Saturday night already?  I really didn't get anything done today.  I spent my day taking people places, bringing people things, and shopping.  We did help a family move, but I didn't do much.  I did help clean out the kitchen and I did bring a big cooler for the freezer items, but then Big Girl needed black pants for band and a black shirt.  Do you know how hard it is to find black pants this time of year in her size?  Then we ate dinner at Steven's brother's house because some relatives were in town.

I guess that brings me to the reason that I am in a somber mood tonight.  Steven has already gone to bed.  I think all that moving did him in for the night.  I am just sitting here with the Big boy and he is watching TV.  Ah, I just sent him to bed.  You see, Steven's parents aren't speaking to us, and they haven't for about a year. They got their feelings hurt over some things that I don't even really understand and I think are really silly.  As a result we are no longer invited to their house when relatives visit, and that is hurtful.  It also makes the other relative have to pick and choose who they want to spend time with, and it usually isn't us.  I just hate that it has come to this.  We used to have a great relationship, and then something happened and now we are the outcasts.  I don't understand it.  We are raising these people's grandchildren and they don't care to see them. We have really good kids and the grandparents don't even know them anymore.  It makes me sad for them mostly.  They are missing moments that they can't ever get back.

I am envious of people who have grandparents that are active in their grandchildren's lives.  I never had that and neither did my husband.  My mom tries when she can, but she does not have the support of my father.  He does not care to go to kid's events or hang out with us. The other grandparents have closed us out of their lives so that leaves us pretty much on our own.  We don't need the grandparents, but it would be nice to have more participation in our lives.

Enough of that.  What is the verse, there will be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning?  We have to choose to be joyful.  We have to think of others and not ourselves.  We have to think of what we can do to show Christ to others.  We have to follow his word as much as possible and not worry about the rest.  I know that we live for him and we are raising our kids that way.  I love it that my kids love the Lord!  They are good kids and I can't complain too much.  So many have it so much worse.

Now, what do I enjoy?  Spending time with my kids, talking with my husband, reading, spending time with other believers.  I like to spend time in the kitchen and I love to do for others.  I also like going out to dinners and different restaurants, I like to look in thrift store and quirky antique stores.  I love the mixtures of old fashion and I also love technology.  Crazy huh?

Well enough of my rambling. I have to go to bed.  Church in the AM!

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