Thursday, August 6, 2015

In a different time

Life has been busy around here. I have been canning and shopping but not the kind of shopping most of my friends are doing.

I realized long ago that I probably should have lived at a different time. Don't get me wrong, I like electricity (especially in the summer in Georgia) and I like to use technology (especially when writing a paper for college classes), but I really don't enjoy main stream activities. I don't enjoying shopping and consumerism. I prefer to buy things used or not at all. I don't like dinners out very often (but I do enjoy eating Japanese food with my family on my birthday or dinner out with friends)'and I don't really like going to the movies. TV is fairly boring and in my opinion leads back to consumerism that I avoid. 

What do I really like to do?  I like to cook and clean and organize my home. I like to visit farmers markets and natural markets to find fresh food and new things to try in the kitchen. I like to read just about anything. I like knitting and needlework but I am not a good sewer or crafter. I like to have good conversation, spend time with my family, take walks whe the weather is nice, swimming, studying and church activities. I also love to attend any activity my children are participating in.  We like camping as a family and discovering new state parks and new areas. We all love nature and like to hike and explore in the fall and spring. 

I know that I am not alone. There are other people like me that don't  enjoy shopping, eating out and running the rat race. It just seems that every time we go to town that there are so many that are into this kind of lifestyle and we are the minority. Even in the workplace I often don't feel like I know the tv shows or movies the others know or haven't been to that restaurant or been shopping at the nice stores and don't really seem like I fit in, but then I have things that they don't have. I have a large family that loves to linger at the table talking after a homemade dinner. I have kids that enjoy the simple things and really appreciate it when I buy them something. We study gods word together and try to live the way he would want us to. 

So even if I feel like we live different from many others it is not a bad way to live. In fact, we all quite enjoy it. 

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