Friday, July 4, 2014

Fun on the 3rd of July

We had our fireworks last night on the 3rd of July.  We go out to our recreation department with our church and watch the city's firework's display.  Our church rents a pavilion and everyone comes and brings food and drinks and shares.  Surprisingly the weather cooled off and we had a great time of fellowship.  I didn't take any pictures mostly because all of the kids were hanging out with friends.  I didn't really care.  I am just so happy that my kids have great friends from church!

So what about the forth?  Well Steven has to work and that stinks.  He does get to come home at 3:00 so that is ok.  We are going to a friends house tonight to celebrate the 4th.  The rest of the day I plan to do some laundry and cleaning and just relax.  The kids wanted to go see The Fault in Our Stars today and I said I would take them, but the show times don't match up for when we can go today so we will go tomorrow.  All of the kids have read the book and are really wanting to go!

Now I am not making a recommendation of this book.  It is what the teens are reading right no so I read it.  I like to watch and read what they are doing so that I know and can relate.  It is not my favorite because it does have some language that I don't care for but I let them read it.  Hopefully the movie won't be too bad.

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