Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pantry Challenge update

Ok so life sometimes gets busy. My niece was born early on Wednesday night. My sister was supposed to have a c-section because she had one with her first. This baby came in a hurry with no time to wait. She had a vaginal birth and everyone is good. 
So my three year old nephew is staying with us so that they can get home and get settled in. He has fun here so he is no trouble. I took him shopping for his own baby so he wouldn't feel left out. 

What a cutie!

So the pantry Callenge is working out great. We had homemade waffles and bacon on Wednesday night.  

Thursday we took some taco meet out of the freezer and had tacos. I don't have a picture. Friday night was Emma's birthday cookout with hotdogs , cheese dip, and watermelon. I don't count that because it was a party.  
Yes I made the cake. The inside was rainbow colored. I need to get a picture from my hubby

Lunches have been sandwiches or leftovers and breakfasts usually consists of cereal, bagels, or eggs. We already had everything so no grocery money spent yet. 

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