Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Returned from the beach

We have returned from the beach. It was lovely not to have to do the regular routine. We were lazy and went to the beach, read, and I did plenty of knitting. I still cooked because we were trying to go low budget. See our lovely seafood:

Instead do going out we cooked our own seafood. I don't mind cooking on vacation if someone else will do the clean up. That by the way is a great way to save money on vacation if you have a big family. We usually rent a condo or a house that has a full kitchen. It is usually cheaper than two hotel rooms. We sometimes bring food from home and sometime shop there or do a combination. I have made lots of freezer meals before we go so that when we get to out vacation everything is ready and I don't have to prepare anything. Either way cooking on vacation is a great money saver. 

There was now day that we had steady rain all day. We had told the kids that we would go play putt putt golf that night, but the weather was questionable. We opted to go bowling instead. This was great because we had not been bowling in years so this was a treat. 
Our scores were terrible but we had a good time and that is what matters!

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