Monday, July 30, 2012

Braves Game

We went to an Atlanta Braves game yesterday.  Boy was it hot.  We were in the direct sun and it was about 95 degrees.  After about the fourth inning we moved to some seats in the shade.  No one said anything to us so we just stayed there.  That was much better and then we enjoyed it.  Don't we look cute!
It was an adventure.  The company gave us each $5.00 to spend at the concession stand.  We all bought a frozen lemon aid and then we only had enough money left for one sprite for all of us to share.  We had brought in our own water and then refilled them at the water fountains, so we didn't spend too much.  We ate lunch in the van on the way and then we stopped at Subway and got four footlong subs. 

So, today Ashley had band camp again this week from 8 to 12.  I need to go get another phone for the kids to have at the house since we have no home phone and Ashley is going somewhere all the time.  We also need to go to the library and at 4:30 we are praying at one of the schools with our church.  Busy busy.  We only have two more weeks and then I start work.  Boo for work but yeah for the money!

Well, I have to get Ashley up and going.  Have a great day!

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