Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cabin Fever

I feel like we have a little cabin fever here.  I know in other places people get it in the winter, but around here I feel like we get it in the summer.  The heat index gets above 100 everyday and I can't get the kids to go outside.  I don't blame them, I don't like to go outside.  I try every few days to take them swimming, but some days we have thundershowers that start early and we can't even do that.  Yes, I know they can get out first thing in the morning, but some aren't even up until 9 and by the time we are dressed and have breakfast and do morning chores it is after 10 and already getting hot.  Yuck!  I want my own pool again!  We had one when we lived in Albany and I loved it.  I know it was expensive to have, but I felt like it also saved us money because there was always something for the kids to do with friends and we had all of our birthday parties out there.

So today I am taking them swimming at my moms and taking my little nephew with me.  The older girls are still at the beach with their grandma, so we are down by a few.  Right now I can only take one friend anywhere with us in our mini van.  I am hoping to get a larger SUV later this year.  We will see.

Well, I have to go finish canning tomatoes and get these guys some breakfast.  They are watching too much TV, but like I said they have cabin fever.  I will turn it off after breakfast and make them do something else, and tonight is church so that will take care of today.

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