Friday, July 13, 2012


Well, today starts some new in my house.  A new boy is moving in.  He is my nephew and he is 15.  He has been living with his grandparents.  We asked last November if they would like for us to have him come live with us for high school.  We could tell that they were getting older and were struggling with teens, so we offered to help.  At first we were told no.  They were afraid that he would have a negative impact on our family and the two families definitely don't agree with the way to raise a child,but over they last few months things have changed and they have agreed for him to come here.  They left the final choice up to him, so all is in agreement.

This will be a change in lifestyle for him.  He has been the only child over there for the last few months and was only there with his older sister for the past year and now he has four younger brothers and sisters.  He has been home schooled and now will be going to high school.  They rarely went and did anything, had no TV and no Internet, and we are constantly busy and have satellite TV and Internet on many devices.  The biggest change might be with church. We are active in our church and my husband is a deacon and while they are believers they do not go to formal church.  Alot of changes, but change can be good!

We pick up Ashley and Natalie from youth camp tonight.  They have been painting houses for the less fortunate all week and I am looking forward to hearing about how God has shown up this week. I hope they will be changed!  Well, their are dishes to do and I have to run to Wal- Mart.  Fun fun!

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