Tuesday, July 10, 2012

School Supplies

I went to Staples yesterday to take advantage of all of the back to school deals and here is what I got:

I paid $32.00 but I am getting a $12.00 rebate back on the paper, so that comes to only $20.00 for all of that.  The pencils were the best deal because they are mechanical and only .25 a pack with a limit of 4 per customer.  I just sent two of the kids through with pencils and $1.07.  We go though mechanical pencils like crazy.  Tomorrow I am going to Wal-Mart because someone told me that they had folder for cheap and I know Emma and Evan need folders.  In the past I have spend almost $50 per kid for school supplies which would put me at $250 this year with 5 kids.  This year I plan to spend $100 total for everyone (I just hope one of my high schoolers doesn't need an expensive calculator).

Tonight is date night and I might make Steven go with me and get more mechanical pencils.  Ha ha, he won't mind.  He is more frugal than me!

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