Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Morning

I got up early this morning.  Not really because I wanted to, but because Collin is coming this morning which is always  a good thing.   Everyone loves him!  He is so sweet and has the most pleasant personality.  My sister just has a doctors appointment so we won't have him all day.  We will probably go swimming at my mom's in the afternoon.

I went and did a big monthly shop last this weekend.  I spent $75 at Aldi, $25 at the bakery outlet and $185 at Sams.  Now, I will have to make a few small trips throughout the month, but that was the bulk of my shopping.  I say another $100 for the month.  Not too bad for a family of seven.

My brother in law bought me a huge box of tomatoes that I have to do something with this week.  He said that it was only $10 and we weighed it and there are 22 pounds in there.  I am going to make another batch of salsa since I do have peppers and onions.  I will have to get some more cilantro and tomato paste.  I will probably peel and chop today and cook and can tomorrow.  It is tiring, but in the winter we are always grateful!  I guess I will just can the rest of the tomatoes to use in sauce this winter.

Well, I guess I will go.  I will let you know how canning goes.  I have already done one batch of salsa and 20 quarts of green beans for winter.  Some tomatoes will be nice to have.

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