Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My older two girls are away at youth camp this week.  They put them on crews and they either paint someones house or reroof someones house.  We are in central Georgia and the temperature gets up to 95 everyday and the heat index is usually above 100, so working out in the heat is really giving of yourself.  They also try to share the gospel with the homeowner and the people in the neighborhood.  I love that they do this for church camp. I love that they are serving and not just having a good time.  They do have fun, but the service comes first.  I pray for safety and lives to be changed.

I am babysitting today, but not until 12:30 then Steven and I will go out to dinner and my mom is letting Emma and Evan spend the night.  I bought a Groupon last week to a Japanese restaurant in which you pay $12 and get a $25 gift certificate.  When Steven and I go out we almost always use a coupon or a special.  We almost never go out with the whole family for dinner.  What I will do is take them out for lunch in the summer or sometimes take one kid with me when I go shopping and we will get some food or a treat.  It is just so expense to go out with 5 kids and the food is usually not that good.  We usually try to get food that I can't make at home like Japanese or  Chinese.  I can make fried rice at home, but forget sushi or anything else.

Tyler is moving in this week and we are still changing around and rearranging rooms.  We still have work to do so I better go.  I also want to work out on the wii so I need to do something else.  Have a good day serving the Lord!

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